Why choose Breathe Easy over the rest?

DO NOT BE MISLED!  Other companies may offer cleaning specials at prices that seem too good to be true.  Many of our clients call us after the negative experiences of bait and switch advertising, uncertified technicians, and prices that don't include the proper cleaning method based on your individual situation.  Don't end up paying twice, call us and you can Breathe Easy knowing your services will always be done correctly the first time.

Why should I use a  professional carpet technician, when I could clean my carpets and floors with rental equipment?

​With rental equipment, you can only get the water as hot as your home allows.  Even then, the heat and suction will not remain consistent enough to clean thoroughly.  At Breathe Easy Carpet Services, we provide our clients with a "Breath of Fresh Air".  Our carpet technicians are IICRC & WRT certified and we use only high quality, environmentally friendly products to ensure your services are done right every time.  Our equipment doesn't just surface clean!  We use high-powered, commercial truckmounts that provides up to 225 degrees of steam and high powered suction to effectively remove unwanted dirt, dustmites, and other contaminants.   We also offer a wide range of services from sanitizing, deodorizing, pet treatments, deep scrub, threshold repairs, carpet patching and re-stretching.  With us, you can always Breathe Easy!


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What cleaning method is best to use on carpets?

Many companies advertise that the best way to clean carpets is through a dry cleaning technique.  However, the brighteners and additives in the chemicals used in a dry cleaning method often leaves residue and causes yellowing without completely eliminating all of the soil and contaminants from your carpets.  They can also negatively impact people and pets, especially those with allergies and other sensitivities.  The key benefit to steam cleaning is the minimal amount of chemicals present during the process.  We reduce the chance of harmful residues contaminating your indoor environment.  With our method, the air can remain healthy and clean and you can Breathe Easy

Couldn't I just remove the flood water myself?

Shop vacs and rental equipment for water extractions can only remove surface water.  Most of the water that may be damaging your home cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Without removing the water professionally and having the proper moisture detection equipment, it can lead to mold and bacteria problems that could possibly void your insurance claim.  Don't take that chance!  Call us and we will work directly with your insurance company to get your claim processed fast.

How long will it take my carpets to dry?

Generally, no more than 5-6 hours.  Inside ventilation and outside weather conditions can increase or reduce drying times.  However, we always aim to please at Breathe Easy!  So if you need your carpets dried faster than normal, we can arrange to include high powered drying equipment that will typically have your floors dry in 2-3 hours.